Digital Imaging - Unity and Emphasis


Painting by Franz Bischoff

Visual unity
is achieved in this painting, by Franz Bischoff, through the use of proximity in the composition.  The women are spending their time together dancing and picking flowers.  The artist has placed them close together in the foreground emphasizing that unity.  You can see the circular flow (placement) of the flower pickers around the dancing women.  This oval placement is in lieu of a rigid grid.  

Use of the many women subjects indicates Bischoff's  use of repetition to help achieve visual unity.   The uniform color of the flowers draws the background into the composition,  increasing the continuity of the work.

The dancing women are the focal point.  This is emphasized by the positioning of the surrounding women so that they are pointed in the general direction of the dancers.  The exception being the front most sitting figure.  By placing her in shadow, you are drawn past her by the bright daylight behind.  The muted colors of the mountain background also increases the emphasis on the women and the pasture.

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